Thursday, April 19, 2007

Final Project and USC are Done

My final project, though flawed, is complete and approved. So, unless the committee decides to turn it down (very unlikely), I have completed all the requirements of the MPW degree. I'm going to start calling it an MFA, just to avoid confusion. Also, it makes me feel as if I didn't waste money on the degree.

In other news, I will not be attending a PhD program in the Fall. All three turned me down, although the rumor is that I was "close" at USC. They accepted 2 out of 80 applications; so I'm not surprised. I would have loved to stay at 'SC and work with the incredible PhD faculty in the English department, but it looks like I'll have the first year completely off from school since kindergarten.

My responsibilities as a TA are wrapping up and I'm looking forward to the summer and trying to get a story or two published.


Murnen said...

Where is the party at? Its time to break out the barbecue fill the beer cooler.

Maybe you should take a "writing trip" to The Bay of Bengal or something. Inspiration and the writers life, eh!

Well done. Congratulations.

hederka said...

Congratulations on getting your project finished and approved! Drink a beer for me!